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Hey Everyone!

School's starting up again. Which is cool for one reason, and only one reason I can think of: Church activities for the Youth are back on a regular routine. Anything new going on in your spiritual lives?

I'm on the CONNECTION MINISTRIES at my church which is really awesome. I'll tell you a little bit about it, to give you some ideas for your church :) Well it's the beggining of a new year, so there's been alot more new people coming in. We want them to feel as welcome as possible. So a small amount of us are in charge of getting to know them and finding out who'd they best get along with. So we connect them into our regular church goers, so they aren't going stag sitting by themselves in the back row. Then we've been taking pictures of everyone that ever comes. Atleast 2 in a picture, but no more than three. We post all the pictures with the people's names below the picture on a bulitine board. This way you can find out what someone's name is if you forgot but know you already asked them about three times, or you can see who has been coming for a while and see how they're doing, be like "hey I missed you this Sunday" We've got a couple other things running, but I will save those for another post :) Any ideas to help people feel more welcome? please share! I'd be happy to hear ^_^

P.S. Audio Adrenaline's new cd came out this last August called "until my heart caves in" it's awesome! I also highly recommend Matthew West. Any fans out there?
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